God news:

Teeth Of Lamb will be live on stage in 2018. As there are several offers to play on Festivals we recently started our rehearsals. Dates and Locations will be posted on social media.

Next stop: 3.2.2018 JUZ Amberg




Live Video from Metal Night Vol. II

Teeth of Lamb is new and it is metal. The Band, featuring frontman and guitarist Wolf J. , was recently founded in october 2016. The members were quickly found in Claus Mc Hegan on drums, Wolfman Black on baseguitar and Mr Pete Glesga on the second sixstring. TOL´s sound is a mix of modern speed and melodic thrash metal combined with classical guitar acrobatics, awsome drumming and agressive vocals. Songwriting and recordings for the first release are in progress. In the meanwhile we will keep you up to date.


Stay metal .... and be prepared for the first bite

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